Sunday, 26 October 2008

Harvest Moon- The Movie! Released!

Blob Corp.'s latest animation Harvest moon has now been released!

Blob Corp.'s thoughts:

Here at Blob Corp. i believe that, though i captured the essence of harvest moon itself quite well and managed to create a mediocre storyline. I think the animation suffered due to my focus on getting harvest moon to the screen, as the characters are very static. In future Blob Corp. has demanded animatics first before a final animation is to be completed. I am pleased that i have made this animation about harvest moon but would have liked to have a little more fluidity in the characters.


The Daily Crumb said...

best animation you have done! liked that quick back shot of running :D
that guy is WAY evil.
one crit: i had to check a second time to notice that the knife thingy had got stuck in the wall. im not sure if that was just me :D
but all in all fantastic! one to watch over and over.
the ending it great, wont be seeing him again!
awesome. background have got way better. the symbols that appeared in speach bubbles "?" with the sound effects were a great idea. They really helped the story move. fave character was the homeless guy lol. some nice Mokumoku animation also.
worth the wait! :D i also liked the subtle movements of the dog (the ear twitch).
great job

Anonymous said...

I'm a big harvest moon fan, it was so cool how well you did the characters. and I got that wife too lol. the animation was awesome and the backgrounds where great. I could tell right away which game it was. ^_^ the story made me laugh too, and I loved all the sound effects. well done. :D

kiwi said...

very nice animation, keep going !