Friday, 28 May 2010

Prologue Scene Complete + Underground Project

Firstly, I have completed the Prologue scene to 'The Master Of Time' setting the tone of the film and showing the dilemma that the world is in. The prologue lasted longer than expected reaching a 38 second runtime.

(Matt and Puddles see the effects of Time itself, stopping)

I am now beginning to animate Scene 1 where a lot of dialogue is to be had. Update on this soon.

Meanwhile I am animating a Final Fnatsy 7 tribute animation for the site

The animation will feature part of the FF7 gangs adventure, I decided to base it on the part where the group must travel up the icy cold Gaea cliffs. The animation will feature enemy and Boss battles. This will be my underground project beneath my own film, hopefully neither one delaying the other.

(The gang! Except for the Departed Aeris)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Prologue part 2 - It begins

I am now up to the part of the Prologue where time can be seen breaking down. I am soon to be animating a crowd fleeing from the market, one of the most ambitious shots I have ever attempted.

(Puddles runs over to a meat stand)

(Matt hands over some gold coins in exchange for a bag of Sweet Meats)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Freelance Advert project- Released!

This is a animation I did for a client who wanted an Advert made to promote their online site. sells items ranging from books, martial art equipment, electronics and even used cars! So check out their website!

Update on own film progress coming soon!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

New film finally gets going!

After a stop and start few weeks for this film, I am pleased to announce that the next chapter in 'Lillium' is full steam ahead.

This film being titled: The Master Of Time, will feature the new arrival of Spectre (See above banner, pink block). Who will become a main character in many of Lilliums adventures.

Brief Summary:

The whole planet of 'Lillium' is in danger, time is freezing causing parts of the world to remain motionless. Something has happened to the Master of time, but what? Having no other choice, the High Lord of Lillium calls upon the once banished spirit Spectre, to find out what has happened to the Master Of time.

Will time be restored? Can this spirit called Spectre be trusted? Will the whole planet get devoured by silence?

(A screenshot from the prologue scene, Matt and Puddles walking through a village on the weekly market day.)

Geisha and Dragon

Some artwork I produced for One of my clients. They requested a Geisha riding on the back of a Dragon. My final design came out like this. Much to my pleasure, the client is very happy with it.

(Geisha drawn from inspiration, from the film 'Memoirs Of a Geisha'. The dragon i decided to make a sort of Earth and Water type of Dragon)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Weeks work Left- Freelance Advert

I have only a weeks left of work to do with my freelance advert. The rest is not too difficult and should cause no major problems. Here's a screenshot:

(The Main character and newly adopted Karate suit drive around the store)

I am hoping once this project is complete there will be room for me to squeeze a little time of animating my own film. I will have to evaluate work load once this project is finished.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Freelance fun times!

I am now beginning the fun but difficult sequence where the karate suit and the main character, jump in a car and drive around the virtual store. Here's a screenshot of the stores inhabitants coming to life:

(Flying books come to investigate the new visitor)

Once this big project is out of the way, i intend to carry on animating my latest fantasy film. I will reveal details when I begin animating it.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Freelance work update

Although I undertaking a few freelance projects at the moment, the one I find most interesting and fun to do is the advert project. I cannot disclose what the advert is about until its release date but until then I have permission to release two more screenshots:

(Main character sitting at home on his PC)

(An old karate uniform causes him to be made fun of)