Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Frozen Land Project - Scene 1 begins

With the prologue only lasting 20 seconds I have completed that and have now passed my 1st shot on Scene 1this scene will involve Blob getting into trouble and revealing what exactly those hunters are doing.
(Blob outside his house tending to his garden, while his pet Ignia chomps on some grass)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Frozen Land Project - Prologue

I have now begun animating 'Return to The Frozen land' and I am in the midst of the prologue, setting the story for the film.

(The two Hunters seem to be carrying something across the Frozen lands)

More updates and info coming soon!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Next Project revealed!

Its time to reveal Episode 8 in the Lillium Series! This episode is called 'Return To The Frozen Land' and it will feature Blob and Fable as the main characters for this one.

Heres a non spolier summary of the plot:

Two Poachers have captured a girl of mysterious power, unfortunately Blob being the good samaritan that he is. He gets involved and soon finds himself being caught too. Luckily Fable is at hand to help and relieves Blob and the mysterious girl from thier captors. Fable and Blob find out that this girl is a Ice Princess and must return to her homeland or else her island will sink to the bottom of the sea, they both agree to help her. But with more enemies on the way, will they be able to return the girl back to her homeland before it is lost forever?

Heres the poachers dressed in thier warm clothes as the Frozen lands are treacherously cold:

(The fat one is Hans, the boss of the two. And the tall skinny one is Renji.)

Production should start soon on Episode 8!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Final Fantasy VII animation Released!

Cloud and the gang travel up the Gaea cliffs aiming to reach the top of the mountain. However not with out a few Fiends on the way.

Final Fantasy belongs to Square ENIX

Cloud: Brandon Habowski
Tifa: Iguanagirl1 of Youtube
Barret: ShadowKen 69
Cid: baugusbryson
Red XIII: Matthew Menhenick
Cait Sith: Alex Newhouse . AxerJ
Yuffie: Aikiku
Vincent: Christian Sekhanan

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Episode 7: The Master Of Time released!

Episode 7 in the Lillium Series

The High Lord faces a crisis as parts of the Planet begins to freeze in time. He is forced to summon up the once banished, spirit of 'Balance' called Spectre.

Will this spirit be willing to help save the planet?

Mathew Menhenick,
Alex Newhouse (AxerJ)
James Hall (The Hallstar)
Nathan Viney
Brandon Habowski