Monday, 29 December 2008

Blob Corp. Launches start of New Animation!

Blob Corp.'s new animation called 'Pilfered' has begun it's animating process yesterday

The Plot features three thieves who are hired by a king for thier unusaul talent for stealing, the kings mission involves danger and adventure! Will the thieves accept this dangerous task or remain chased by the law?

Meet the Characters:

(From left to right: Captain Mood, Mathias Squall & Nathaniel Tinga)

Captain Mood: An Ex-Pilot Captain who is always confident, sarcastic and loves a good fight! With his dead aim accuracy Mood makes a worthy gunner with his favourite pair of Handguns!
Mathias Squall: A thief all his life, grown up to be an acclompished pilfer who has mastered the art of sword fighting. Is level headed and looks upon life with a smile.
Nathaniel Tinga: Spent his early years connecting with the spiritual world and learned the mystic art of Black Magic. He is usaully serious and a powerful mage when in combat. His magical creation, his floating cloud is his pride and joy which provides quick and easy transport.

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The Daily Crumb (Head writer and creator) said...

xciting! they all look great but difficult to animate :O