Monday, 16 November 2009

'Blob and The Last Phoenix' released!

'Blob and The Last Phoenix' has been finally released, it would have been out a few days earlier but technology was not co-operating. I hope people enjoy it:

Update on my new animation will follow soon.


The Daily Crumb said...

Fantastic! Brilliant story. Best ending you've ever done. Best villains you've ever done as well. They played a huge part in the film. Great choice of music especially towards the end. Though some of it needs some fades in and outs.
loved the capture of the bird, very action packed. reminded me of UP. And the end of ghibli.
Great work! I'm going to be entertained for a long time to come with this one video.

Nick Maynard said...

got to be your best yet ! storyline, intro, and ending was brilliant! i liked it alot! your effort true paid off i liked the roof top chase and the bit where the eel monster randomly returned lol ..cant wait for matt and pudds ! ;D