Friday, 20 November 2009

Into 1st Scene of 'Matt and Puddles'

Blob corp. Studios is into the first 20 seconds of the 1st scene, this scene introduces the characters Matthew and Puddles the cat. The Scene is at night time and raining:

(The Camera zooms up to Matt's window as the rin beats down)

(Not being able to sleep Matt wakes Puddles up, a bad idea)

Updates as Scene 1 progresses will follow soon.


The Daily Crumb said...

ok first. you've found your place with backgrounds. you've got an unoutlined style that seems to be working brilliantly and adds a realism to your films.

secondly i have to be a bit negative and say i am not looking forward to seeing it being so good. it is obvious you have improved too much in the last eyar and i think it time to take a break :D
not really
shot of puds looks AWESOME!

The Daily Crumb said...
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The Daily Crumb said...

i didnt mean n0ot really improved, i meant not really take a break :D
you're on a role

- crumbs