Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Meet the pirates! + Ep.11 Scene 2 Update

As the scene that features the pirates who will be the focus of this episode (and a few more) I thought now was a good time to reveal them in detail:

The Red hair guy is Koji, captain of the Blue Arrow ship. Laid back and confident is his style. The girl crushing Blob with a hug is Channie, she was born almost deaf yet remains upbeat and happy all the time. Her job is look out in the Crows nest of the ship. The strange looking creature is a Gillquas that goes by the name of Artemis. Intelligent and well mannered he adds a little decorum to the roughness of the other pirates. He is the ships navigator. Last at the back is Maggs the ships muscle he often steers the ship when Koji is sleeping and deals with the anchor. He is the classical silent type.

(Blob high in the trees)

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The Daily Crumb said...

nice to see you've put a heap of thought into the characters personalities! I can see how they will all work together on the ship! Great stuff, love the screenies of blob XD