Friday, 29 May 2009

New Blob Adventure Screenshot!

The Image below is a screenshot from scene 2 of 'Blob and the Celestic Sisters' still very early on into the animation with a total of a minute and a half finished. The creature featured with 'Blob' below is a woodland creature I created called a 'Chimpodent' (chimp-po-dunt), i decided on this name as these creatures are a mix of Chimps and some sort of small rodent. This animation features many new and bizarre creatures (some that are hidden secretly).

('Blob' and a 'Chimpodent')

Also this week Blob Corp. Studios has lent its voice to a future animation being worked on by 'The Daily Crumb', I am not obliged to give anything away apart from its title 'Icecream'

From what i have uncovered this will be Nathan Viney's (Head of Daily Crumb) best animation yet. Both story wise and animation quality! I am extremely eager to see this animation but we must all understand this is going to take a long time to produce. Hopefully some development on 'Icecream' will be seen shortly.
The Daily Crumbs blog can be viewed here:

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The Daily Crumb said...

fantastic screenshot! really excited!
i have to add something to the list of making things look cool.
and Backpacks.

Really great character design there as well.
and cool Matt and Blob recording pic :D