Thursday, 25 June 2009

Blob Corp.'s Work Experience Project

Blob Corp. Studios is working on another project whilst animating 'Blob and the Celestic Sisters' that is why progress on the blob animation is a little slow. As part of college work experience i have teamed up with an artist, which I am animating a idea called 'Dead Earth'. It is a fan based story after the popular show 'Avatar: The Legend of Aang', i have been given the job of animating a battle between two key characters, Umiko and Shari.

(Umiko: Likes to be called Miko, is a water bender and specialises in using ice weapons, the heroine of the Deadearth series, strong nature and a down to earth Teen)

(Shari: Expert fighter and also an Earth Bender, mentally disturbed sinister character who has a loving heart buried deep within)

Here is a unrevealing screenshot:

Needless to say Blob Corp. Studios is having a great deal of fun animating this fight, even if the animation is a little tricky. More updates on the progress of 'DeadEarth' and 'Blob and the Celestic Sisters' coming soon!

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