Monday, 8 June 2009

Ready for the Plunge!

Blob Corp. Studios is nearing its time to animating a very difficult sequence of events happening in 'Blob and the Celestic Sisters'. Research and analyzing examples has been critical, the animation needs to be spot on to pull this off and I will not progress until I am satisfied. For the time being here's a few screenshots:
('Blob' finds an injured Luminata in a crater)

('Blob' by an open fire)

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The Daily Crumb said...

woo nice fire. i've always loved the colours you use in your films. They're so bright and you always get that mood right with the use of them. All of the screenshots you've posted have been brilliant.
Blob himself with his blue eyes and green stands him out but still blends him into the environment. The viewers see him as a main character but he still sits comfortably in the world hes apart of (backgrounds and characters)
i dont know what im talking about. I could have just said, 'blobs cool'.

good work blob! :D