Sunday, 26 July 2009

Getting to know Blob Corp. Studios

I thought it was time to really go deep into Blob Corp. Studios, so I gave some questions for myself to answer:

Why Animate?
I could write, draw or compose music to tell a story and show my creativity but animation is what calls out to me. I feel when I animate that I can tell any story I feel like telling and that this is the best way to share it with an audience.

What is the most important aspect of the Blob Corp. animations?
I focus on storyline much more now and believe that to be the most important factor. I do try and improve my animation skills during each animation but am more focused on the story, which is being told.

How important are the characters in the animations?
Very important, they feel like my children because I created them and are very protective of them. I have a weakness for not wanting to kill off any characters. My ultimate favourites are ‘Blob’ (Obviously), ‘Jiratchi’, ‘Monk’, ‘Fable’ and ‘Lenny’. Plus a hidden character called ‘Spectre’ who is soon to star in a big debut animation of his own!

Was the character ‘Blob’ designed so that animating would be easier?
When I first designed ‘Blob’ it was not because I thought he would be easy to animate it was because I wanted to create a non human character that was, cute and green (My favourite colour), he ended up being a blob because his bouncing ability opened up tons of story opportunities. I do realise he is easy to animate in terms of walking and jumping but that is why when he’s in a film, I put a lot of effort into other aspects of the animation.

What are the future goals for Blob Corp. Studios?
Well I will always release animations of my own under this name of studio but in terms of employment I will aim to get a job in an animation studio whilst working on my own animations in my free time. It would be a dread come true for Blob Corp. Studios to get enough funding to become it’s own animated film studio but this a dream that will probably not happen. However I will continue to animate and do my best with every animation I release and who knows, maybe fame will find Blob Corp. one day. Just maybe.

Plus an update from the latest animation:

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