Saturday, 15 August 2009

'The Crystal of Life' Released!

'The crystal of Life' has been released and can now be viewed below :

Brother Monk and his creature companion 'Jiratchi' adventue into a forest, curious Jiratchi finds more than he bargians for when he meets a local woodland creature by the name of Kip. Learning that a scared cystal keeps the forest alive Jiratchi and Kip find themselves in trouble when they try to protect the crystal from trouble!

Next animation project details released soon!

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The Daily Crumb said...

Kip = brilliant!
I think as you worked harder and harder it is clear your animation got smoother as you animated.
There was a great mesh of voice acting and music in this film.
prime examples being =
"I'm gunna get that bird!"
and "Faaareweell!"
This voice actor sounds like Peter Pan :P

Great voice acting from that guy, it meshed with the music and situation well.
Like earth child some brilliant camera angles and of course the AMAZING front run cycle. You're really getting the hang of animal walking. Some great moments = the two of them climbing up the mountain, very well animated. Jiratchi and Kip seemed a great team. loved the bad guy and his bird and his cool campsite :D
Hitting the bird with the rock was great as well.
This film had the professional ending of problems continuing to occur for the good guys which is brilliant.
Though my voice recording quality did not seem to match the others but i still think it fit the character.
Kips lip sync was also very good and his passion for looking after the forest was obvious in a short time of knowing him.

Another great film! Of course as good as the Blob films, up with my faves.

- The Daily Crumb