Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Start of New Animation! No rest for the creative.

Blob Corp. Studios has already begun work on the next animation and is 15 seconds into the film. The film will be Blob's latest adventure titled 'Blob and The Last Phoenix'. The storyline will find Blob trying to stop two greedy hunters killing the last phoenix for money, after he stumbles upon them plotting thier plan. Blob stealing the Map leading to the unborn phoenix egg travels there himself. Only to be followed. Will blob be able to protect this vulnerable rare bird?

Apologies for no images in this post but as a new project I have little to offer up to the eyes of the public. However the story of 'Blob and the last phoenix' has been hidden away in my two most recent animations. Phoenix hill where the last phoenix egg rests is able to be seen in both 'Blob and the Celestic Sisters' and 'The crystal of Life'. To see it in both films watch the films below and stop at:

Celestic Sisters: 1:35

The Crystal of Life: 2:21

Updates on the animations progress will be posted soon!

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