Saturday, 10 October 2009

Blob Corp. Studios Celebrates PIXAR's latest film 'UP'

Blob Corp. Studios was proud to be one of the first people in the city of Plymouth to watch the PIXAR film 'UP' in beautiful 3D. I am no reviewer but it was awesome and close to (if not) my favourite PIXAR film.

To celebrate it's brilliance 'Blob' decided to try and re-enact the floating house idea:

(However as Blobs chimmeny is to the far right of his house, it floated almost vertically)

Meanwhile the production of 'Blob and the last Phoenix' shuffles on whilst tackling college work, I am nearing the end of scene two:

(The Eel monster has a score to settle with 'Blob' and takes him for a ride!)

More updates and screenshots in the next few days, in the meantime go and watch UP if you have already watched it, go again!


The Daily Crumb said...

theres no college work :O

The Daily Crumb said...

i like the cliffs there