Friday, 4 December 2009

Inspiration for 'Matt and Puddles'

My inspiration came from two main sources one is that I love my cat Puddles (to see him go back two/three posts) and my original idea was just for him to go on a adventure without me. However it didn't really fit his character so I thought if Matt kind of dragged him on this adventure it would be more believeale.

The idea for them to leave the city is to do with me and my love of the counrtyside and the green open lands, so when I go into my nearest city all I want to do is just get out of it again.
My second more concrete inspiration, once again comes from 'Studio Ghibli' and the film 'Kiki's Delivery service'. The story follows a young witch leave home with her talking cat to do a year of training.

However it was the cat in the film called 'Jiji' who was the biggest inspiration in the film, his sarcastic attitude and great design really inspired the development of Puddles.

(One of the best sidekick characters Studio Ghibli have done so far!)

Screenshot update coming soon.

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