Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Scene 5 Complete!

I completed Scene 5 a lot faster than I thought I would, the tough animation of Matt and Puddles getting buffeted by the wind was easier to animate than first thought. I am very happy with how it turned out, Scene 5 also included many angled shots of the glider 'Bettie 11' which was hard to draw consistently. Here's two screenshots from Scene 5:

(Boro hands Matt a pair of goggles before take-off)

(Matt and Puddles getting hit by some serious wind!)

Now its onto the last scene of the film, scene 6. However that does not mean that the end is in sight, this scene has a lot of landscape animation with more flying and other niggly bits. Update on Scene 6 progress soon!

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The Daily Crumb said...

wow! i love both screenshots!
turn of the head on the first and awesome goggles on second :D