Sunday, 16 May 2010

New film finally gets going!

After a stop and start few weeks for this film, I am pleased to announce that the next chapter in 'Lillium' is full steam ahead.

This film being titled: The Master Of Time, will feature the new arrival of Spectre (See above banner, pink block). Who will become a main character in many of Lilliums adventures.

Brief Summary:

The whole planet of 'Lillium' is in danger, time is freezing causing parts of the world to remain motionless. Something has happened to the Master of time, but what? Having no other choice, the High Lord of Lillium calls upon the once banished spirit Spectre, to find out what has happened to the Master Of time.

Will time be restored? Can this spirit called Spectre be trusted? Will the whole planet get devoured by silence?

(A screenshot from the prologue scene, Matt and Puddles walking through a village on the weekly market day.)