Monday, 25 October 2010

Blob turns 4 years old!

Its Blob Corp. Studios 4 year anniversary making Blob 4 years old. I decided to make a simple video for the occasion with an image of the main characters all together.

"Its been 4 years fo Blob Corp Studios animation and I decided to show the logos evolution over these 4 years.

Many thanks to viewers and fans for years of support"

Also in my latest film episode 8 'Back To The Frozen Land' I am on Scene 2 part 3 in the midst of a fight scene unlike any other blob corp. fight scenes. And as promised the 'not-so' secret character is:

(Yes its Fable, and he means business)

Updates on how the fight scene goes coming soon.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Frozen Land Project - Scene 2 Part 2 Complete

After 30 seconds long, Scene 2 Part 2 is complete and I am moving on to the final part of Scene 2. Again I am only hinting who stands in the poachers way, although for any old viewers this will be a dead give away. Next update i shall reveal who it is if you havent already guesssed.

 (who is this not so mysterious character?)

Revealed in next update.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Short Project - Kirby's Power flaw

Thought i'd make this so people dont get bored waiting for me to finish episode 8. Which isnt even half way yet but progress has been slowed due to heavy supply of work from clients but next week should pick up back to normal.
Kirby has the power to take whatever he eats and use its ability. For some reason Kirby always ends up with something on his head when he eat an enemy and takes their ability. Therefore this is possible............

Kirby and related characters belong to Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Frozen Land Project - Scene 2 Part 2

Whilst tackling a mountain of freelance work I am doing (and im really not exagerrating) I have reached Scene Part 2 in my episode 8 of the Lillium Series. A familliar face has appeared but who is it?

(Who stands in the poachers way?)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Frozen Land Project - Scene 2 Starts

Scene 2 has begun, the poachers have gotten rid of their cold gear as they'd boil in this heat so they are back dressed in their normal gear. This is a first in a Blob Corp. film where characters change clothes.

(The Poachers travelling by cart that's being pulled by a 'Moo Runt' a animal that was first seen in episode 7 in the Market scene. Renji is at the reins whilst Hens sits back and relaxes)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Frozen Land Project - Scene 1 Complete!

Scene 1 of 'Back to the Frozen Land' is complete the scene totalled at a 53 second mark. This scene has set the potential storyline going and the danger has been set. Some of it anyway.

(The two poachers bringing their capture to shore)

(Blob happens to be at the beach and sees the poachers, curiosity may be Blobs downfall)