Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Episode 9 - Destruction Released

Episode 9 - Destruction of the Lillium series is released!

An adventure in Lillium
Episode 9 in the series. 

The city that Matt and Puddles have escaped from comes back to haunt them, when the city goes to war with its citizens. But what affect could this have for the old Realm?

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The Daily Crumb said...

As I watch review:

Nice 'previously' maybe could have used some more thrilling music but at the same time it still works as a a dramatic track.

The war scene i think is perfect. It feels quite odd in such a peaceful series, and thats why simply the window smashing worked. as i said when i first watched 'very dark' :O great music choice.

The intro = awesome

rain, very atmospheric. creature being attacked by bird... sign of things to come? Rocking tune i already know its a pub, nice noice of music. love the tattoo guy, he seems a right laugh.
Nice writing with matt, puddles, beardy man. and cliffs drawn better than mine! grrr
beardy man has a very good voice

wondering how the stratching thing may have some sort of story importance? or it might just be a cat thing :D
Puddles voice is great, he seems a bit more relaxed with the new actor, works well with his move to Old Realm. like the animation of Matt being.. handled..
like the new temple design, fresh.

whos this handsome man coming in? It's the high lord! Love the little 'he knows who i am matt' joke.
matt and mage seem to grow a good little friendship in a short time.

love the nuclear bit! Very good writing all over this scene. the voice of the general is also very good, well acted.
sasha delivers her lines very well or her voice just goes perfectly with Nelly's design.
love the feet ' other senses' bit, very cool.

epic music kicks in, great wave

All of the elements scene is amazing! You really get a feel of what they are doing and the power they have. spins, and jumps, and walls, and vines. very nice. feel sorry for fire and electric :D

love the house being hit!! great bit with the debris flying at the camera.
"Steer the ship away from here" is said maybe a bit 2 fast.
worried about the pub crew, glad spectre is attempting to help everyone.
Looking forward to part 2!