Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ikimasho! Dame Hito! Character designs!

Whilst happily animating away on Episode 10 of the Lillium series I am also working on a much smaller project called 'Ikimasho! Dame Hito!' Which as I said before translates to 'Let's Go! Hopeless People!'

Character- Chiri
This was a draft design of the little kid Chiri as I did not like his spiky hair too much in this picture. I wanted a more tamed look for him. Therefore I ended up with a well looked after cute kid (see picture below)
Chiri is a excitable and happy child who is full of energy. Friends with both Rowan and Hisoka.

Character- Rowan

Rowan is the main character of this animation, although he appears to be street tough, he is actually a very dramatic and emotional individual. 

Character- Hisoka

Hisoka was the most challenging to design as I wanted a smart but not nerdy looking guy, a guy who could still impress the ladies I am hoping I have pulled it off. Hisoka is Rowan's best friend and always remains calm during Rowan's emotional outbursts.

Character- Estelle

Estelle is a serious and straight faced girl, very hard to impress and is constantly blowing off any advances that Rowan desperately makes at her.

Information on the storyline and such other information will be featured in next blog update, along with a screenshot from Episode 10.

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The Daily Crumb said...

Ello! Love the kid and the girl with the star on her cheek!

I want that kids blob toy XD