Friday, 21 October 2011

Ep. 10 Poster and Scene 2 Complete!

Scene 2 has finally been completed, now onto Scene 3.... this is the scene where two of the series main characters meet their end. Sad times ahead.
 (A tree has fallen on a house, hope no one was in there)
(The High Lord hanging on, as the wind buffets the ship)

Also I am releasing the official Episode 10 poster:
(Nothing is revealed in this poster, frustrating isn't it)


The Daily Crumb said...

2 characters die~???? WHAA.. imean i sort of knew that but didnt think you'd go through it 2 XD

One gets killed by a tree, crushed to death!!!! Clues reveal... one of those little critters from celestic sisters dies :( so sad.. :D
second characters that dies:
a poor helpless bug gets crushed against a leaf. Evidence of this comes from the footprint like shape in the dirt beside the leaf. In all the panic thousands of bugs crushed to death!!!!!

I can tell i will enjoy it

The Daily Crumb said...

great tree angle btw