Friday, 23 March 2012

Freelance, series and short project Updates!

It's just got really busy around here, no sooner after completing one project for a client another one comes along with work for me to do. It's another animated advert explaining a useful app. That's all the info you're getting now on that, but here's a screen-shot:

(I'm really enjoying animating such odd bodied characters)

A few days ago I created a few cat drawings for a client, decided to bunch all the designs together to make a cute group photo: 
(Cute cats!)

Now there's also plenty of  Blob Corp. Studios own work to complete. Such as finishing the lip sync hell scene 3 for episode 11

(Pirates, yap yap yap great for viewers, hell for lip syncing)

What is this!? There's more!? I told you I was busy. I am also working on a short project involving Blob and a possible 2nd short project. I'm not revealing any details yet, so here's a pic to wet your appetite.

(Blob is about to have his boredom broken........)

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The Daily Crumb said...

hope you can get your stuff back!
Really excited about blob shorts :*(