Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Manga Details Revealed!

At last I am releasing details of my upcoming Manga! Chapter 1 is nearing completion and I hope it to be released sometime soon. 

Story Plot (very vague)

The story centers on a 19 year old guy called Asher. Who has a love of the natural world of Lillium and cherishes the creatures that man shares the planet with. He has come to learn that man and creature do not always get along, man is pushing the creatures out and killing them senselessly. It is the way the world of Lillium is becoming. 
Ashers strong sense of justice gets him in the way of other peoples business. However saving a few creatures from angry villagers won't be enough. Asher has been chosen. To unite the people and creatures of Lillium, like the days of old.

Here's the front cover for the Manga:

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The Daily Crumb said...

Asher is the hero that made Lillium what it is today!!
can't wait to see!