Monday, 6 July 2009

'Blob' and the Celestic Sisters Released!

After months of work it all comes down to this:

When two space creatures get sucked up by a black hole and seperated, it's up to Blob to help the sisters reunite and return home! A task filled with danger and complications!This animation features a spoof of the famous Ghibli film 'My Neighbour Totoro' to tribute this great film the beginning title sequence is similar to that of 'My Neighbour Totoro'. If you haven't watched this studio Ghibli film then you MUST! It is amazing!

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The Daily Crumb said...

once again yuotube could not fit my wonderful comments :D

:O i was blown away by the intro at first. Such smooth movement in swimming and love the walking sister!
Great doing to the totoro intro, really brightened the mood for the film. Great music choice to begin with. i loved the space beginning.
lots of weird and wonderful creatures just in the backgrounds. It is fantastic. Though I was expecting Claire Danes to be down the hole.
I loved the fact the sadness sparked a laser from them. But the camera confused me a little. the shot with the sister staring in the bushes. I thought at first that it was the other sister seeing the first sisters laser. otherwise that great idea and amazing cat run cycle.
Blob was cool in this with his backpack :D LOVED the big bad wolf at the front with his scarred eye and how he grabbed blob. also loved the jump and kick the hammer then it rotating in the air. was amazing! great giving the impression he had kicked :D and also the sisters hugging shot past so fast :P the whole ending from 5:05 was just sweet ^_^ All your films have that 'heart'

- The Daily Crumb