Thursday, 2 July 2009

Work experience animation Released!

Finished my work experience animation, here it is in all it's uh........ dodgy animation:

A small project i did for a little freelance work experience, the animation is based on the popular show 'Avatar the Legend of Aang'. In this Umiko (Preferably Miko) and Shari test each others strength for a future fight to end it all. Animation is basic and a little stiff at times but overall pleased with the outcome ^_^

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The Daily Crumb said...

It would not let me write too much in youtube comment box:

Woo! I am not too familiar with the avatar characters so didnt really understand that aspect of it. This film has some brilliant colours and designs. Also a big step up in animation i feel. I love the background as she walks behind the tree, nice colour of the sea and distance. The little guy with his green eyes was cute and very well drawn. Everything in it was improved, i LOVED when the girl turned her head and her hair flicked. Very cool. Also when the little green eyed guy was rubbing his bum against the floor like my dog, that bit was fun :D (joke) nice colours on the water as well, it was all brilliant! Though the ending was quite sudden. Still ,absolutely brilliant! (As i said before) I look forward to more with these great new drawing,colours animation, direction... everything