Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Master of Time: Scene 2 - Complete!

I have completed Scene 2. Spectre has been given his orders, he has accepted them and is off on his adventure. Here's a few screenshots that made up the end of Scene 2:

(Spectre thinks over the mission given to him)

(Low Angled view of Spectre)

Having worked on and completed part of 'The Master Of Time' for a few days, i will now return to The 'Final fantasy VII' project for a few days and continue in this order.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Master of Time: Scene 2 - Halfway through

I am halfway through The Master Of Time's scene 2. This scene is dialogue heavy, however I only have 6 lines of dialogue left to do. Spectre and The High Lord are trying to come to some sort of agreement, after all, Spectre won't work for free.

(As always, Spectre makes a joke of a serious situation)

Updates on Scene 2's completion and the Final Fantasy VII project coming soon.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Scenes and Steps!

The Final Fantasy VII project I am working on, is now at Scene 2. I have completed Scene 1 totalling at a 57 second stretch. Scene 2 will be much longer and much harder to animate. I must face the fact that Scene 2 of this project will be my home for a long time now:

(The gang walk into the icy cavern to begin Scene 2)

In my project 'The Master Of Time' Spectre is making his ascent up to the top of the High Lords temple. What is usually a five mintue climb up all those steps takes Spectre a few seconds to fly up.

(Spectre glides quickly up the steps)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Final Fantasy Project - Nearing end of Scene 1

It feels like I've been treading my way through this scene forever but I am now finally near the end with the goal in view. However Scene 2 will take much longer, what with its more difficult challenges animation wise. The small fight scene is over now in scene 1 and the party remain unscathed so far.

(Cloud, Tifa and Cid stand back to back whilst an onslaught of enemies attack)

Meanwhile regarding my 'The Master Of Time' Project. I am now starting scene 2 part 2 where Spectre and the High Lord will try to bargain with each other. Screenshots on that soon!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Two Project Post

Firstly I will start with the Final Fantasy VII project I have taken. I am now animating the midst of the started battle for the animation. This is a kind of mini battle before big boss arrives.

(Vincent holding gun, shooting various flying enemies)

I have animated Vincent, Barret and Yuffie getting involved in the fight but the others have yet to be completed. Next up for completion is Cait Sith.

In the my project 'The Master Of Time' Spectre has been summoned and released from his imprisonment:

(Spectre breathes the fresh air...... well... kind of.)

(Although having just gain his freedom he is not going to be polite)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Tense moments for both Projects

The two major projects I am working on have both reached scenes of tension now. In the Final Fantasy VII project the gang are mere seconds away from finding out what's lurking below the crevice:

(The gang wait anxiously to see what reveals itself below the crevice)

And in my own Lillium project 'The Master Of Time' a ritual dance is taking place too bring the banished spirit Spectre, back into the living world:

(Necromancers summoning Spectre with ancient dance)

Friday, 11 June 2010

Scene 2 for 'The Master Of Time'

I am now 10 seconds into Scene 2 of 'The Master Of Time', this scene takes place in the High Lords Temple Garden. Where they have decided to summon Spectre to help the time dilemma.

(Blob Corp. Studios first successful angled walk cycle. The High Lord is walking out into the garden)

(Here's some rough concept art of what I thought one part of the garden should look like, this part of the garden will be where Spectre is summoned)

(Here is the garden drawn and rendered but without the added characters in the scene)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Final Fantasy Project- Enemy Encounter

I have now reached the scene where Cloud and the gang encounter some sharp toothed fiends. I shall reveal screenshot of enemies on the next Final Fantasy update. For the time being here's a useless screenshot:

(Vincent, Cloud and Tifa suspect enemies nearby)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Final Fantasy Project update

I have completed scene 1 of 'The Master Of Time' with the scene totalling at 1 mintue 50 seconds. I am soon to start Scene 2 where Spectre will make his first appearance.

Meanwhile I have completed part 1 of Scene 1 for the Final Fantasy project with 24 seconds of footage animated. I am a few shots away before the first enemies of the film appear.

(Cid telling somebody off while Red XIII walks past)

(Cait Sith takes a leisurely ride on his Mog transport)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

'Master Of Time' Scene 1 - Dialogue Hell

In the midst of Scene 1 I have at least 35 lines of dialogue to muddle through, the lip sync isn't the major time consumer. Its alternating to interesting angles rather than using the same, I have storyboarded the scene and there are 8 angles of the same room!

(The General, The Chief Monk and her Assitant Guard - Byron)

(One of the many angles in Scene 1)

Updates on this project and the Final Fantasy Project to come soon!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Final Fantasy VII Project - Scene 1

The Final Fantasy VII project I am tackling is already 30 seconds into scene 1, with snow falling, walking angles and eight characters on screen. This scene is no walk in the park and I have a long way to go before this scene is finished. Thankfully there are only two scenes to this film, however the second scene which features a Boss battle will be much more testing.

(An irritated Barret complaining about the cold)

Updates on my personal project 'The Master Of Time' coming soon!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Scene 1 Begins

After animating 'The Master Of Time' pro-logue I am now into Scene 1 where we find a very stressed out Highlord.

(HighLord in his study, busy with paper work)

(Could the General be protecting his privates? Of course not, he's bringing the HighLord more bad news)

Also Animating has also begun on my Final Fantasy VII animation:

(Cloud and the gang are to climb up this Icy mountain, but not without difficulty)